Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology at Dr. Y.S. Parmar Govt. PG College Nahan was established in the year 1987, preceding the establishment of the same department at Himachal Pradesh University in 1989. Commencing with an initial enrollment of 20 students, the subject quickly gained traction owing to the conducive academic environment characterized by robust faculty-student interactions and its pertinence and scope.

This department provides an extensive array of courses spanning three years/six semesters (2013-20), designed to equip students with both sociological knowledge and essential skills. The course curriculum is meticulously crafted, integrating academic rigor with contemporary societal issues.

The faculty of this department is committed to strong ethical principles and consistently engages in programs and activities centered around students, facilitated through the subject society. Due to the high demand for the subject, faculty members also extend their expertise to other esteemed educational institutions, including the Legal Study Centre at H.P. University, Himachal Pradesh, and various other universities and Boards. Moreover, the faculty is frequently invited to share insights and perspectives on social issues through talks, shows, and media interactions.


1st Year 111
2nd Year 111
3rd Year 111

Eigibility Criteria

Programme/Course/Level Duration Eligibility Adimission Procedure
B.A. / UG 3 Years 10+2 On merit basis

Ms. Lakshita Thakur


Name Designation Teaching Experience Mobile E-mail
Ms. Lakshita Thakur Designation 10 Years

Courses offered in the Department

Following Courses are being offered by the department for the successful completion of graduation degree in economics:

B.A. 1st Year DSC-1A SOCL-A 101 Core Course Introduction to Sociology This introductory paper is intended to acquaint the students with Sociology as a social Science and the distinctiveness of its approach among the social sciences It is organized in such a way that even students without any previous exposure to Sociology would find it interesting and useful.
B.A. 1st Year DSC-2A SOCL-2A 102 Core Course Society in India This course introduces the students to the basic features of Indian society and focuses on multi-cultural nature of Indian Society. The Students will be acquainted with various institutions and issues of Indian society like communalism, casteism, women’s movements etc.
B.A. 2nd Year DSC-1C SOCL-A201 Core Course Sociological Theories This course introduces students to classical thinkers, whose work has shaped the discipline of Sociology. The knowledge of the thinkers (A. Comte, K.Marx, M.Weber& E. Durkheim)would equip the students with theoretical insights to social scenario around them& would familiarize them with different perspectives and theories.
B.A.2nd DSC-2C SOCL-A202 Core Course Methods of Sociological Enquiry The Course is the general introduction to the methodology in social sciences. It will provide students with some elementary knowledge of the complexities and philosophical underpinning of research.
B.A.2nd SEC-1 SOCL-A203 Skill Enhancement Course Techniques of Social Research This course aims to enhance the skills of students to understand and use techniques employed by social scientists to investigate social phenomena. With emphasis on formulating research design, methods of data collection and data analysis. It will five knowledge about quantitative and qualitative research. The focus is on understanding through suggested exercises.
B.A.2nd SEC-2 SOCL-A204 Skill Enhancement Course Sociology of Environment The course will sensitize students about the issues related to environmental concerns and interrelationship of environment and society.
B.A. 3rd Yr SEC-3 SOCL-A301 Skill Enhancement Course Social Demography This course intends to train students in the specialised technique of population studies and recent trends in demographic processes
B.A. 3rd Yr SEC-4 SOCL-A302 Skill Enhancement Course Theory & Practice of Development The course aims to familiarize student with the arguments of development theory in the decade of 80s onwards and equip them with some of the methodology in development practice adopted since then.
B.A. 3rd Yr DSE-1A Option-1 SOCL-A303 OR DSE-1A Option -2 SOCL-A304 Discipline Specific Elective -do- DSE-1B Religion and Society OR Marriage , Family & Kinship Discipline Specific Elective This course acquaints students with a sociological understanding of religion. It examines some forms of religion in India and its role in modern society.
This course aims to highlight and critically examine contemporary concerns in the fields of marriage, family and kinship. It considers theoretical issues and ethnographies with particular emphasis on diversity of practices.
B.A. 3rd Yr DSE-2A Option-1 SOCL-A305 OR DSE-2A Option -2 SOCL-A306 Discipline Specific Elective -do- DSE-2B Social Stratification OR Gender and Sexuality The course introduces the students to various ideas of Social inequality and sociological study. The different forms and institutional manifestation of social stratification are explored here both theoretically and through case studies.
This course aims to introduce students to a basic understanding of gender by interrogating the categories of gender , sex and sexuality. The complexity of gender relations in contemporary societies are further explored by looking in the areas of work and family.
B.A. 3rd Yr SOCL-A 307 GE -1 Generic Elective Polity and Society in India This course seeks to introduce the students to the study of Indian politics from a sociological perspective. In the process, it attempts to give the students theories , categories and conceptual tools to understand politics in relation to society in general.
B.A. 3rd Yr SOCL-A 308 GE -2 Generic Elective Economy and Society This course introduces the students to the complex ways in which economic activity is embedded in social relations from a sociological view point.
I Core Economics I: Principles of Microeconomics – I (ECONA101) ECONA101
I Core Economics II: Principles of Microeconomics – II(ECONA102) ECONA102
II Core Economics III: Principles of Macroeconomics–I ECONA201
II Core Economics IV: Principles of Macroeconomics–II ECONA202
III DSE – GROUP I (One out of the Following)
III DSE 1: Indian Economy ECONA301
III DSE 2: Economic History of India 1857 – 1947 ECONA302
III DSE 3: Economy of Himachal Pradesh ECONA303
III DSE 4: Basic Econometrics ECONA304
III DSE – GROUP II (One out of the Following)
III DSE 5: Development Economics ECONA305
III DSE 6: International Economics ECONA306
III DSE 7: Mathematical Economics ECONA307
III DSE 8: Economic Systems ECONA308