Department of Mathematics

The Deptt. Of Mathematics in Dr. Y.S. Parmar College , Nahan was established in the year 1977 to provide the knowledge of applied Mathematics in day today life among students. The syllabus is totally designed by the H.P.U. Shimla followed for teaching . Deptt. of Mathematics has 2 Assistant Professor.


1st Year 111
2nd Year 111
3rd Year 111

Eigibility Criteria

Programme/Course/Level Duration Eligibility Adimission Procedure
B.Sc. / UG 3 Years 10+2 On merit basis

Smt. Priyanka Randhava

Assistant Professor

Ms. Anita

Assistant Professor
Name Designation Teaching Experience Mobile E-mail
Smt. Priyanka randhava Assistant Professor 10 Years
Ms. Anita Assistant Professor 10 Years

Courses offered in the Department

B.Sc. 1st Year 1. Differential Equations
2. Differential Calculus
B.Sc. 2nd Year 1. Algebra
2. Real Analysis
1. Integral Calculus
2. Vector Calculus
B.Sc. 3rd Year 1. Transportation & Game Theory
2. Probability & Statistics
1. Numerical Analysis
2. Matrices

Course Outcome

Differential Equations Differential Equations have a remarkable ability to predict the world around us. They are used in a wide variety of disciplines like biology, economics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. They can describe exponential growth and decay, the population growth of species, or the change in investment return over time.
Differential Calculus This course is designed to evaluate the volumes of solids using cross-section, calculate the length of an arc of a curve when equations are given in parametric form.
Integral Calculus This course is designed so that students will be able to define integrals. State the Mean Value Theorem of Calculus. Define the natural logarithmic, natural exponential, General exponential, their derivatives, and integrals.
Vector Calculus Students will learn to graph, differentiate, integrate, and solve problems involving parametric equations and Vector-Valued functions.
Real Analysis This course is designed to recognize the basic properties of the field of real numbers, the ability to apply the theorem in a correct mathematical way.
Algebra This course is designed to explain the fundamental concepts of advanced algebra and their role in modern mathematics and applied context. Apply problem-solving using advanced algebraic techniques applied to diverse situations in physics, engineering, and other mathematical problems.
Numerical Methods This course is designed to know how to find the roots of transcendental equations, to understand the curve fitting for various polynomials. It is used for solving a system of equations.
Probability and Statistics This course is designed to define the principal concepts about probability, Solve the problems about permutation, Combination and Binomial Theorem, express the concept of probability and its features, express the variance of a random variable.
Transportation and Game Theory Students will get a wide knowledge of game theory and a planet of its applications in engineering and social sciences. The game theory became a popular tool for analyzing intelligent entities in many situations of competition or cooperation.