Department of Music (Instrumental)

Music, an artistry of organizing sound into harmonious melodies and rhythmic arrangements, possesses the remarkable ability to mend and restore. It acts as a soothing therapy, alleviating the burdens of anxiety and stress from our lives. Music therapists adeptly guide clients towards singing, playing instruments, crafting songs, and engaging in other musical endeavors.

Within the hallowed halls of the Department of Music (Inst.) at our esteemed institution, we offer BA (pass course) with Music, following the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). This degree program, curated by the Department of Music, encompasses discipline-specific core and elective courses, skill enhancement modules, and generic elective courses. It is meticulously structured to equip students with fundamental knowledge in Music, communication prowess, and technical skills necessary to excel as future musicians. Moreover, it prepares students for their professional journey by fostering qualities like teamwork, self-management, and work efficiency, all while nurturing the desire to make a meaningful societal contribution.

In the vibrant realm of cultural activities, students from the Music department proudly represent the college, showcasing their immense talent and adding musical charm to various events.


1st Year 111
2nd Year 111
3rd Year 111

Eigibility Criteria

Programme/Course/Level Duration Eligibility Adimission Procedure
B.A. / UG 3 Years 10+2 On merit basis

Ms. Monika

Assistant Professor

Name Designation Teaching Experience Mobile E-mail
Ms. Monika Assistant Professor 10 Years

Courses offered in the Department and there Outcome

BA First Year MUSA101TH DSE-1A Theory of Indian Music In this course students study about the basic elements of Indian Music like Swara,Raga,Taal and Biographies of Musicians
BA First Year MUSA102PR DSC-2A Practical (Stage-Performance) Students learn to perform Raga and Instruments playing techniques.
BA First Year MUSA103TH DSC-1B Theory of Indian Music General and Biographies Students gain knowledge of Musical-Terms like mela, Thaat, Raga–lakshan and contribution of Musicologists.
BA First Year MUSA104PR DSC-2B Practical(Viva-Voice) Students know about the various Raga compositions according to the notation system.
BA Second Year MUSA201TH DSC-1C Ancient Granthas and Contribution of Musicologist Students get knowledge about the Granthas like Natyashashtra, Sangeet Ratnakar etc. & contribution of Musicologist.
BA Second Year MUSA202PR DSC-2C Practical (Stage -Performance Students get knowledge of performing vilambit, khayal, Drut-khayal and ability to recite Taals and playing Technique of tanpura.
BA Second Year MUSA203TH DSC-1D Medieval Granthas and Contribution of Musician TStudents know about the various Granthas of Music Notation System, life & contribution of Musicologist.
BA Second Year MUSA204PR DSC-2D Practical (Viva-Voice) Students learn about the various compositions in prescribed Raga and its performing techniques.
BA Second Year MUSA205PR SEC-1 Value Based &Practical Oriented Course For Hindustani Music In this course Students know about the various parts of Tanpura, Sitar Technique of tuning it. Presentation of Music and instrumental in Group.
BA Second Year MUSA206PR SEC-2 Value Based &Practical Oriented Course For Hindustani Music Students gain knowledge of Operating sound system and also playing Taals on Tabla.
BA Third Year MUSA301PR SEC-3 Value Based &Practical Oriented Course For Hindustani Music Students get knowledge of playing thekas of various Taals and Techniques of Harmonium and Tabla Playing.
BA Third Year MUSA302PR SEC-4 Value Based &Practical Oriented Course For Hindustani Music Students understand to composing Music for jingle, PowerPoint Presentation on the life and contribution of great musician.
BA Third Year MUSA303TH DSE-1A Theory of Indian Music and Study of Ancient Granthas and Ragas Students get knowledge Regarding Theory of Indian Music and Study of ancient Granthas, Raga, Time Theory of Indian Music, Modern Trends and Folk Music of Himachal.
BA Third Year MUSA304PR DSE-2A Practical, Hindustani Music Students know about to perform different types of compositions in various Raga and Taals.
BA Third Year MUSA305TH DSE-1B Theory of Indian Music and Gharana Tradition Students learn about the percussion Instruments used in classical Music Tabla and Pakhawaj, Forms of –Thumri, Tappa, Dadra ect. And Gharana Parampara of Indian Music.
BA Third Year MUSA306PR DSE-2B Practical Hindustani Music Students are able to perform solo in any of the prescribed Raga and ability to recite Talas.
BA Third Year MUSA307TH GE-1 Theory of Indian Music Students Study about the basic knowledge of Indian Music
BA Third Year MUSA308PR GE-2 Practical Hindustani Music Students gain knowledge of various Raga,Taals and Its Performing Techniques.