Academic Calendar

Each year, the Academic Calendar is typically unveiled in the months of April or May. Its final structure is meticulously determined through collaborative discussions involving representatives from Himachal Pradesh University, the Directorate of Higher Education, and members of the teaching community. Thorough consideration is given to various elements, including the number of teaching days, examination schedules, holidays, release of preceding results, and prevailing weather conditions. Once meticulously prepared, the calendar is formally notified by the Secretary of Higher Education and diligently followed by all colleges affiliated with Himachal Pradesh University across the region.

Subsequently, following this official notification, each college formulates its tailored Academic/Activity Calendar, a vital component usually found within the college prospectus or information Handbook and readily available on the college’s official website. Our college maintains a longstanding tradition of incorporating its Annual Calendar within the prospectus, ensuring easy accessibility and reference for all stakeholders.