About IQAC

Driven by the pursuit of excellence,  Dr. YS Parmar Govt PG College Nahan, proudly hosts an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) that upholds a culture of unwavering quality across all domains. Aligned with the norms set by NAAC and UGC, the IQAC was instituted within our institution in 2010. From its inception, the IQAC has played a proactive role in orchestrating and overseeing our college’s endeavours for Quality Assurance and Enhancement.
Comprising dedicated members from diverse faculties, the IQAC serves as a stalwart guardian, ensuring the institution’s continuous enhancement. Not merely a planner, the IQAC assumes an advisory role, overseeing the execution of devised plans and programs. In its unyielding dedication, the IQAC has crafted a learner-centric environment for students, educators, and the entire staff community. Amid the pandemic, the IQAC has bolstered the seamless transition to technology-infused learning, harnessing virtual platforms, digital content, and robust feedback mechanisms.

Our Vision: Forging a Path to Holistic Progress
Our vision extends beyond horizons, aiming to foster a comprehensive plan of action for the institution’s advancement and the holistic development of our students.

Functioning of IQAC
• Monitoring and refinement through regular IQAC Committee meetings.
• Crafting, implementing, and supervising the Annual Academic Calendar.
• Crafting and submitting Annual AQAR and SSR in alignment with NAAC guidelines.
• Curating records of faculty achievements and college activities.
• Soliciting and curating valuable feedback from students, faculty, parents, and stakeholders.
• Pioneering the implementation of the proposed NEP 2020, aligned with the directions of the Government of Himachal Pradesh.

IQAC’s Remarkable Contributions
The IQAC has etched its mark on quality enhancement through:

• Empowering faculty through participation in seminars, conferences, workshops, and skill-enhancing programs.
• Pioneering novel programs and skill-based courses, including B Voc courses and Add-on courses.
• Inspiring student participation in both college and regional, national, and international activities.

In essence, IQAC stands as a vanguard of quality, guiding our institution’s journey towards excellence and progress.