Department of English

The Department of English at Dr. Y.S. Parmar Govt. PG College Nahan extends its educational embrace to young women hailing from every corner of the state, cultivating within them a sense of self-assuredness and confidence. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for English learners, equipping them with the skills of both written and spoken communication. Employing interactive teaching methods within our hallowed classrooms, we aim to elevate our students’ communicative competence.

Our curriculum encompasses the teaching of English Language, Literature, and Communication Skills as a Compulsory/Foundation Course. Thus, we ensure that every student within the college becomes well-versed in the nuances of English. Additionally, we cater to the requisites of the self-financed courses offered by the institution. Our Department further offers Core Courses, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses, Discipline Specific Electives, and Generic Elective Courses, presenting a holistic array of opportunities for our students.

At the heart of our pedagogical mission is the aspiration to nurture well-rounded individuals who are not only professionally accomplished but also ethically responsible citizens. In a world where new pathways unfold across various domains, we endeavor to instill social responsibility and sensitivity towards fellow beings and the environment. English, as a subject, serves as a conduit for the infusion of aesthetic and moral values, fostering a spirit of generosity, compassion, and creativity, ultimately contributing to the betterment of our global community.

Yearly Student Enrollments

B.A. (ENGLISH) 1st Year
B.A. (ENGLISH) 2nd Year
B.A. (ENGLISH) 3rd Year

Eigibility Criteria

Programme/Course/Level Duration Eligibility Adimission Procedure
B.A. / UG 3 Years 10+2 On merit basis

Faculty Members

Dr. Uttama Pandey

Associate Professor

Smt. Reena Panwar

Assistant Professor

Ms. Vrinda Shandil

Assistant Professor

Vinod Kumar

Assistant Professor

Name Designation Teaching Experience Mobile E-mail
Dr. Uttama Pandey Associate Professor – Years
Smt. Reena Panwar Assistant Professor – Years
Ms. Vrinda Shandil Assistant Professor – Years
Vinod Kumar Assistant Professor – Years

Courses offered in the Department

I English -1 ENG CE 101 Core English -1 Core English (Compulsory) This course aims at familiarising the students with nuances of literature to the teaching of poetry, short stories and essays. The students experience variety and depth of language and literature at the same time.
I DSC-1A ENG DSC 102 Core DSC-1A English Literature-1 Essays, Stories and Poems The literary contents of this course aim at bringing the ranges of literary richness of our cultures and traditions within the range of our students.
I DSC-1B ENG DSC 103 Core DSC-1B English Literature-2 Poems, Short Stories and Essays The literary text aims at making the students aware about the cultural diversity and literary traditions that exist in India through a living mixture of continuities and transmutations.
I AECC ENG AECC 1043 Core Compulsory AECC-2 Writing Skills The skill of writing stands at the very core of the capability to communicate, this course focuses on developing the skills of drafting and communicating in order to increase employability of the students.
II English-2 ENG CE 201 Core English-2 Core English (Compulsory) With the suitable combination of prose and poetry, this course focuses on developing capability of the students in addition to literature, the compulsory course also aims at improving grammatic skills of the students.
II DSC-1C ENG DSC 202 Core DSC-1C British Literature: (Play and Novel) Studying literature broadens one’s horizon and opens up the mind to countless new possibilities and perspectives in addition to inculcating empathy in the readers. With canonical texts like The Merchant of Venice and Oliver Twist, students are introduced to the culture of the Glorious Elizabethan and Victorian ages enabling them to embark on a fruitful journey into the world of British Literature.
II DSC-1D ENG DSC 203 Core DSC-1D Literary Cross Currents The most enduring aspect of this paper is that it includes poetry and prose which has come to us mostly through translation of literally achievements in Indian languages such as Bengali, Telugu, Marathi etc. In this way the students get a chance to understand the various aspects of culture and tradition to the literature.
II AEEC/SEC-1 ENG AEEC/SEC 204 Ability Enhancement Elective Course/Skill Enhancement Course AEEC/SEC-1 Creative Writing: Book and Media Reviews This course teaches not just about the process and art of creative writing but also the nuances of reviews of literature and writing in general.
II AEEC/SEC-2 ENG AEEC/SEC-205 Ability Enhancement Elective Course/Skill Enhancement Course AEEC/SEC-2 Translation Studies and Principles of Translation The course acquaints students with the theory, approaches, descriptions, methods, applications, and problems of translation. Its main objective is to familiarize students with the field of translation studies especially focusing on how to translate a text from English to Hindi and vice versa. The course is pertinent in the present time where focus is on multilingual and multicultural education.
III AEEC/SEC-3 ENG AEEC/SEC 301 Ability Enhancement Elective Course/Skill Enhancement Course AEEC/SEC-3 Technical Writing This course acquaints the students with various aspects of writing technically in order to cater to the needs of a rapidly changing World. Its emerging needs in the field of commerce, economy, and employment.
III AEEC/SEC-4 ENG AEEC/SEC 302 Ability Enhancement Elective Course/Skill Enhancement Course AEEC/SEC-4 Business Communication Business communication has become imperative in today’s scenario. The knowledge of the nuances of effective business communication is essential for the success and advancement of an individual’s professional career and the success of the organization at large.
III DSE-1A ENG DSE 303 Discipline Specific Elective DSE-1A Soft Skills This course aims to equip the students with the knowledge of the essential soft skills like Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability, Problem Solving etc., which are the prerequisites for the holistic development of an individual. These skills facilitate human connections and enable a person to have good interpersonal relations both on the personal and professional front.
III DSE-1B ENG DSE 304 Discipline Specific Elective DSE-1B Academic Writing and Composition This course aims to enable the students to engage in writing for an academic purpose, equipping them with the tools to deal with the requirements of academic writing and its specific composition.
III GE-1 ENG GE 305 Generic Elective GE-1 Literature from Himachal Pradesh The course introduces the students to the literature of Himachal Pradesh.
III GE-2 ENG GE 306 Generic Elective GE-2 Contemporary India: Women and Empowerment The course introduces the students to Contemporary India with special focus on Women and Empowerment.