Department of Public Administration

The esteemed Department of Public Administration at Dr. Y.S. Parmar Govt. PG College Nahan is presenting the BA program with a specialization in Public Administration, operating seamlessly within the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). This meticulously structured degree program provided by the esteemed Department comprises Discipline Specific Core and Elective Courses, Skill Enhancement Courses, and Generic Elective Courses. The assortment of courses meticulously designed and offered by this department paves the way for a comprehensive and successful journey towards the attainment of a graduation degree in Public Administration.

Yearly Student Enrollments

B.A. (Public Adm.) 1st Year
B.A. (Public Adm.) 2nd Year
B.A. (Public Adm.) 3rd Year

Eigibility Criteria

Programme/Course/Level Duration Eligibility Adimission Procedure
B.A. / UG 3 Years 10+2 On merit basis

Faculty Members

Dr. Sarita Bansal

Assistant Professor

Name Designation Teaching Experience Mobile E-mail
Dr. Sarita Bansal Assistant Professor – Years

Courses offered in the Department

I Administrative Theory PUBA 101-A
I Indian Administration PUBA 102-A
II Administrative Thinkers PUBA 201A
II Development Administration PUBA 202A
DSE – GROUP I (One out of the Following)
III Local Governance PUBA 303A
III Contemporary Issues and Concerns in Indian Administration PUBA 304A
DSE – GROUP II (One out of the Following)
III Public Policy & Administration in India PUBA 305A
III Financial Administration PUBA 306A
II Computer Applications & Office Management PUBA 203A
II Human Resource & Logistic Management PUBA 204A
III Leadership Styles & Conflict Management PUBA 301A
III Stress & Time Management PUBA 302A

Courses offered in the Department

BA I DSC 1A PUBA 101A Administrative Theory Introductory paper to acquaint the students with Public Administration to expose students the principles and practices of the subject.
BA I DSC 2B PUBA 102A Indian Administration Basic features of Public Administration which focus on some distinct constitutional authorities
BA II DSC 1C PUBA 201A Administrative Thinkers Introduces students to the classical thinkers and their contributions.
BA II DSC 1D PUBA 202A Development Administration Highlights the main areas like Niti Aayog, Panchayati Raj, Political Parties and Bureaucracy and their role in the development of the country.
BA II SEC 1A PUBA 203A Computer Awareness and Office Management Introduces basic components and features of computer and to give insight about office management.
BA II SEC 2B PUBA 204A Human Resource and Logistic Management Highlights importance of human as resource and movement of necessary resources and utility items for the need of the citizens.
BA III SEC 3C PUBA 301A Leadership Style and Conflict Management The course helps to inculcate leadership qualities to help and guide general masses and to resolve the main issues related to the conflicts.
BA III SEC 4D PUBA 302A Stress and Time Management The paper elaborates how to cope with stress related to increased work load for effective management.
BA III DSC 1A PUBA 303A Local Government Introduces about the grass root rural and urban organizations and their role in the governance of the country.
BA III DSC 1A PUBA 303A Local Government Introduces about the grass root rural and urban organizations and their role in the governance of the country.
BA III DSC 1B PUBA 305A Financial Administration The paper highlights the importance of role and function of the Ministry of Finance and other related institutions.
BA III GE 1 PUBA 307A Constitutional and Administrative Aspects of HP Historical aspects of formation of the state area wise as well as proliferation of administrative framework.
BA III GE 2 PUBA 308A Disaster Management Highlights the role of main organizations for disaster management like NDRF and NDMA and awareness and training of local people to manage disasters.