Department of Physical Education

The Physical Education Department at Dr. Y.S. Parmar Govt. PG College Nahan conducted its inaugural class. Despite its relatively recent introduction compared to other subjects, it rapidly garnered popularity and played a pivotal role in motivating young women to enhance not only their mental faculties but also their physical prowess.

This esteemed department now presents a diverse range of opportunities to its students, both on national and international platforms. Within the campus, it provides a comprehensive sixteen-station gym with a variety of equipment, along with a plethora of sports, indoors and outdoors, including volleyball and chess. The department fervently encourages academic and practical excellence, earning numerous accolades.


Yearly Student Enrollments

B.A. (Physical Education) 1st Year
B.A. (Physical Education) 2nd Year
B.A. (Physical Education) 3rd Year

Eigibility Criteria

Programme/Course/Level Duration Eligibility Adimission Procedure
B.A. / UG 3 Years 10+2 On merit basis

Faculty Members

Ms. Bharti

Assistant Professor

Name Designation Teaching Experience Mobile E-mail
Ms. Bharti Assistant Professor 10 Years

Courses offered in the Department

B.A 1st Year PED101TH Core Course Introduction to Physical Education
B.A 1st Year PED102TH Core Course Olympic Movement & Organisation of Tournaments
B.A 2nd Year PED201TH Core Course Human Anatomy & Physiology
B.A 2nd Year PED202TH Core Course Sports Psychology
B.A 2nd Year PED203TH SE Course Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
B.A 2nd Year PED204TH SE Course Sports Training
B.A 3rd Year PED305TH DSE Course Recreation
B.A 3rd Year PED307TH DSE Course Method of Teaching In Physical Education
B.A 3rd Year PED304TH SE Course Specialisation in Athletics
B.A 3rd Year PED309TH GE Course-2 Health Education and Nutrition
B.A 3rd Year PED310TH GE Course-2 Yoga

Course outcome

PED101TH Introduction to Physical Education To teach the meaning, need, aim, objectives and scopes of physical education with emerging trends and historical development of physical education in India and abroad.
PED102TH Olympic Movement and Organization of Tournaments To teach students about the Olympic games (ancient and modern) and organization of games and sports with different methods of fixture during tournaments.
PED201TH Human Anatomy and Physiology To teach students about the Olympic games (ancient and modern) and organization of games and sports with different methods of fixture during tournaments.
PED202TH Sports Psychology All the psychological principals and their application in the field of physical education and sports discussed in sports psychology.
PED203TH Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation To give knowledge to students about Sports Injuries, First Aid, Treatments of common accidents, Ergogenic aids, drugs and doping physiotherapy treatments, massage, hydro therapy, thermo therapy and rehabilitation.
PED204TH Sports Training To teach the students about principals of sports training, different methods of sports training, training load, warming up and cooling down, planning and periodization.
PED304 Specialization in Athletics To train and provide knowledge to the students regarding history, fundamental skills, equipments, track and field preparation, rules of events, officiating and coaching and lesson plans of different sills of Athletics.
PED305TH Recreation To educate the students about recreational activities like sports, camping, picnic mountaineering and tracking, water sports, paragliding etc.
PED307TH Methods of Teaching in Physical Education Different types of methods used in teaching, lesson plan, different teaching aids, presentation technique, class formation, supervision, inspection and evaluation of teaching methods discussed in class.
PED309TH Health Education and Nutrition (GE) To teach the students, importance of health education, personal hygiene, nutrition and balance diet.
PED310TH Yoga (GE) Concept of yoga, type of yoga, type of asanas, surya namaskar, Pranayam, shudikriyas, mudras and bandhas etc. discussed in yoga so as to improve the Physical and mental strength of body.