Dr. Y.S. Parmar Govt. PG College Nahan


Identity Card cum Library Card is an important document a student must carry every day. In case of loss of Card, an application to the Principal alongwith payment of Rs 30/- duplicate I-Card will be issued. I-Card and Library Card should be collected from the Librarian as per schedule notified by the librarian.

The issuance of the books is between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on all working days. A student must bring his/her library card to get the books issued in his/her name. Only two books are issued to a student at a time for a period of 14 days. Reference Books/ Dictionaries/ Newspapers/ Periodicals will not be issued. If the issued books are not returned by due date, a fine at the rate of Rs. 5 per book per day will be charged. Internal damage to a book will invite a fine of Rs. 50/-in addition to recovery of cost of the book. Failure to return the book or to pay the penalty imposed will entail the same procedure for recovery as in the case of recovery of govt. property.